Artist Statement

me and FranchescoAn Artist Statement! A manifesto perhaps? Well like so many I have a passion for art. Sculpture to be specific. This may be why I found myself transplanted from Michigan to New York City. I'm not sure where I began to be an artist or when, but I came to the realization that I was and I better get used to it. I'm proud and not afraid to say that about myself now, which wasn't always the case. So I have I think two styles, one a very classical side and the other a whimsical surreal side. The classical side comes from a love of the Renaissance period up through the late Nineteenth Century. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rodin and Degas to span the time frame are some that stick out, but many others too. The other side comes from an influence of pop culture, science fiction, superheros, too many cartoons as a kid and war gaming. I'm glad of my talent and have been using it for both personal and monetary enrichment.

Carter JonesMy path here can't be credited to myself alone. Many of my family and friends have encouraged me along my path. I love them all very dearly for that. One person stands out though. Carter R. Jones FNSS took me under his wing as a teacher, mentor and friend. It's been my honor to study and apprentice under him. A professional sculptor of both commercial and fine artworks, as well as a patient teacher. If you would like to know more about his work you can view it at the National Sculpture Society web site. If you are lucky enough like me, to live in the Greater New York area, you can sign up for his class at the Complete Sculptor or take one of his master classes at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina.

Professionally I have worked under Mr. Jones mentioned above creating a variety of works for the toy and gift industries. I've had the fortune to work for sculptor David Klass who is a fine teacher as well. Artist and author Sloane Tanen's series of books about the adventures of some very cute and funny chicks feature many tiny hand made props in tiny chicken scale that I created. Buy one of her books for yourself or your kids. I also do private commissions for the serious and silly subjects. If you would be interested in adding your name or company to this list, click the Mad Pink Monkey below...